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EMI & Repayment

If you are registered for auto-debit (NACH), EMI payment will be auto-debited from your account on the payment due date.
If you are not registered for auto-debit ( NACH), please connect with our customer care.

In case if you are not able to pay the EMI on time, you can pay the same through our sourcing partner website or write a mail to our customer support.

We would advise you to make your monthly EMIs on time for your entire repayment tenure. However, if you end up missing any EMI payment and the auto-debit request gets declined, you’ll firstly have to deal with additional charges, the details of the same is mentioned in your loan agreement.

The cancellation of NACH mandate is an easy process. You can use the given link to raise a request for canceling the NACH mandate registered with Money View. You'll be required to authenticate using your PAN number to proceed.
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You can get your preclosure letter by writing to our customer service team at

No, foreclosing your loan will have no impact on your credit/bureau record. Once the loan is foreclosed the same will be reported to bureau/credit record as "Closed".

Bureau Report

Yes, there will be a credit report enquiry made whenever you apply for a loan.

Your Credit Bureau score gets affected only if you’re not able to pay back the loan EMIs on time or if you miss payments altogether. With consistent repayments, your Credit Bureau score will only improve.

A healthy credit score can be maintained/improved by:
• Making timely EMI payments and credit card payments.
• You should not have any pending loan/ credit card payments.
• Don't Apply for Too Much New Credit, Resulting in Multiple Inquiries
• Raise a dispute incase of any Inaccuracies on Your Credit Reports

If you have noticed any incorrect data in your bureau report related to loan taken from Whizdm Finance, You can raise the complaint here

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General Loan Terms

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